Welcome to the United States Sentencing Commission's Interactive Sourcebook of Federal Sentencing Statistics (ISB)

The tables and figures available on the ISB are based on the tables and figures available in the Commission's printed Sourcebook of Federal Sentencing Statistics (Sourcebook). The Sourcebook displays federal sentencing data from the Commission's datafiles. As part of its ongoing mission, the Commission provides Congress, the Judiciary, the Executive branch, and the general public with data extracted and analyzed from sentencing documents submitted by courts to the Commission.1 Data is reported on an annual basis in the Commission's Annual Report and Sourcebook.2 Data reported in the Sourcebook is limited to felony and Class A misdemeanor cases for offenders who are convicted and sentenced under the guidelines in the federal court system. The Commission's Sourcebook data does NOT include: state cases, federal petty offenses, federal cases which result in all charges being dismissed or acquitted, federal death penalty cases, federal juvenile cases, or federal witness protection cases.

The data available on the ISB includes data on cases with individual offenders, organizational (e.g., corporate) offenders, resentencing and other modifications of sentence, and appeals cases. The tables and figures on the ISB do not contain data concerning probation or supervised release violations.

The ISB allows users to re-create tables and information from the Commission's printed Sourcebooks in a number of ways and customize the static tables and figures presented in the printed Sourcebook. Users can choose the data included in the table by selecting one or more particular judicial circuits or districts, and also by selecting a single year of data or multiple years. For example if there is a table or figure in the Commission's printed Sourcebook that contains information that a user would like to limit to a specific district or would like to aggregate for a particular set of years, then the Interactive Sourcebook will easily allow the existing tables and figures from the printed Sourcebook to be tailored to a user's needs.

In addition, some of the Interactive Sourcebook tables contain additional viewing options such as the ability to view the information in the table by primary guideline or primary offense category or the ability to select different category options. The ISB also includes a small number of tables that are not currently published in the Commission's printed Sourcebook (see list here). For additional information about the variables used in the Interactive Sourcebook tables and figures, please see Appendix A.

The first time using the Commission's Interactive Sourcebook, please view the Interactive Sourcebook Features Guide as well as the Frequently Asked Questions. For an overview of how the ISB works, click on the Basic Sentencing Data on the menu bar. Otherwise, click on the topic area of interest on the landing page to begin using the ISB.

For more information about the Commission, the federal sentencing guidelines, or to view the printed version of the Sourcebook of Federal Sentencing Statistics, please click here.

Look for new features and enhanced functionality to be added to the ISB in the future.

1 In each felony or Class A misdemeanor case sentenced in federal court, sentencing courts are required to submit the following documents to the Commission: the Judgment and Commitment Order, the Statement of Reasons, the plea agreement (if applicable), the indictment or other charging document, and the presentence report. See 28 U.S.C. ยง 994(w).
2 Electronic copies of the Annual Report and Sourcebook of Federal Sentencing Statistics from 1995 through current are available on the Commission's website, www.ussc.gov.